Kia ora, talofa lava, bula, salaam alaikum, Malo e lelei. hey there…

So, why are we talking about porn?

Porn’s everywhere – whether you see it over a mate’s shoulder, in a pop up or watch it regularly on your phone, it’s just a click away. Most young people have seen at least some porn – but it’s fair to say most adults are pretty awkward when it comes to talking about it. So, we decided it was time to start the conversation…

But isn’t porn normal?

Well – yes and no. Porn’s not new, but online porn is super different from what used to be because of the internet. Now you simply turn on a device and within seconds, you can see a smorgasbord of free, full on X-rated pornos.

So what’s the big deal with it?

Back in the day, most sex ed was learnt through your ‘village’ – at school, at home or through friends at school. But nowadays, most young people learn more about sex from porn. So with giant porn companies taking over as a sex ed teacher, it’s probably time we actually started talking and asking some important questions.

“It probably won’t go as smoothly as in the videos.”
NZ Female, 16 yrs (46)

At the end of the day everyone wants great sex,
so we need to ask ourselves…

Is porn a legit educator?
Does porn teach us how to have good sex?
What is porn actually teaching us about sex?
Can watching porn affect our sex life, relationships & mental health?
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