Tools and Guidelines

Tools and guidelines

In The Picture

This is an Australian resource that supports secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery. It provides guidelines, suggested strategies and a wide range of practical resources from which schools can create a whole school approach to explicit sexual imagery.

Youth Wellbeing

Youth Well Being Australia has a Schools Education Programme to enhance protective behaviours, improve quality of relationships and increase resilience to porn culture. They offer specific primary and secondary school IQ curriculum to support children and young people to make decisions that enhance their health and safety, both online and offline, and empower them and build resilience.

They’re also about to launch the IQ Project resources that educate and safeguard children and young people and build resilience to hypersexualized cultures. These include resources for early childhood, children, tweens and teens; educational materials for delivery with students; guidance to implement policies, processes and practices; and tools to partner with parents.

Netsafe Digital Citizenship Capacity Review Tool

This tool is part of a review process which helps understand and evaluate how digital technology is being used as part of the education process.

Wellbeing for Success: A Resource for Schools

This resource has been developed to help schools evaluate and improve student wellbeing.

Porn Harms Kids: A Statement of Research

This is an Australian e-childhood statement of research relating to the potential harms of online pornography to children

The Effect of Pornography on Children and Young People: Research paper

This is an Australian Institute of Family Studies robust research review on the potential effects of online pornography on children and young people and the messages pornography generates about gender, equality and sexuality.

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