Tools & Guidelines

Tools and guidelines

Two Nights Production by Bernard Beckett and Hutt Valley High students

Two nights is a piece of social activist theatre that is a response to the largely undiscussed role that pornography is playing in redefining both the idea and practice of intimacy amongst young people. This is a free 45-minute show performed in schools targeting year 10-13 students. There is a follow-up lesson that can be delivered immediately afterwards with accompanying resources. Two nights is a Wellington based group available for travel to other regions upon request.
Please CLICK HERE for details on the show or contact for details.

A parents guide to instagram 

Although young people are often digitally savvy, they’re still developing. They may need your guidance on appropriate online behaviours and how to navigate challenges. Netsafe’s research shows that when young people do reach out for help, parents are still a place that many turn to for support. As a parent you don’t need to be an expert in technology, but being familiar with the technology that young people are using and the challenges that they may experience is a great start. This guide will give you that insight and prepare you to give your kids the guidance when they need it.

A Parent’s Guide to Instagram 

In The Picture

This is an Australian resource that supports secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery. It provides guidelines, suggested strategies and a wide range of practical resources from which schools can create a whole school approach to explicit sexual imagery.

Youth Wellbeing

Youth Well Being Australia has a Schools Education Programme to enhance protective behaviours, improve quality of relationships and increase resilience to porn culture. They offer specific primary and secondary school IQ curriculum to support children and young people to make decisions that enhance their health and safety, both online and offline, and empower them and build resilience.

They’re also about to launch the IQ Project resources that educate and safeguard children and young people and build resilience to hypersexualized cultures. These include resources for early childhood, children, tweens and teens; educational materials for delivery with students; guidance to implement policies, processes and practices; and tools to partner with parents.

Netsafe Safeguard Review Tool

The Safeguard Review Tool is an online guided review of how schools and kura are planning for online safety and digital citizenship. The review tool also helps schools to identify which areas to focus on in future planning to make the biggest impact for their school community.

Wellbeing for Success: A Resource for Schools

This resource has been developed to help schools evaluate and improve student wellbeing.

Porn Harms Kids: A Statement of Research

This is an Australian e-childhood statement of research relating to the potential harms of online pornography to children

The Effect of Pornography on Children and Young People: Research paper

This is an Australian Institute of Family Studies robust research review on the potential effects of online pornography on children and young people and the messages pornography generates about gender, equality and sexuality.

Young and Aware

Young and Aware provides relationships & sexuality education through programs and presentations. IQ programs are a whole-school educational package to safeguard kids and youth and prevent sexual exploitation and harm. IQ programs equip and inform young people and their care-givers in the wake of an increasingly hyper-sexualised culture. Available in New Zealand.

New Zealand Health and Education Association

This resource gives a New Zealand Curriculum teaching and learning perspective on this subject matter. This document draws attention to a range of policy related considerations in order to: Draw attention to teachers’ ethical responsibilities and compliance requirements, as described in The Education Council Code of Professional Responsibility, Show how the teaching as inquiry approach can be used, and assess which NZC HPE Achievement Objectives can frame the learning.