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Need Help?

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If some of the stuff you’ve read on this site has made you feel anxious or worried, you think you might have a problem with porn, or you’re concerned about a young person in your life, you’ve come to the right place…
If you’re worried about your porn use or want to make some changes, here’s some simple step by step tools and strategies to get you going.
If you’re a whānau member or a friend who is worried about a young person’s porn use or sexual behaviour, here’s some simple tools and strategies to help out.
A summary of recommended research articles, websites, books, parent resources, YouTube videos and guidelines.
Here’s a list of support services, confidential phone chat lines, text services, Apps and face to face counsellors that might be able to help out.

I can still remember the first time that I decided I wanted to tell someone that porn had become a problem in my life. I was terrified. It turns out that the hardest part was starting to talk, because after that I realised that I wasn’t alone.

— male, NZ

What frustrates me so much is that porn is not something that is talked about, and that is really what allows it to thrive. There is so much shame and guilt associated with it. So it’s very common for young guys and girls who are struggling with porn to just keep it to themselves.

— male, age 23

If there was one thing I wish that every single rangatahi (young person) in Aotearoa knew deep in their wairua (spirit), it would be this… It is totally ok to struggle, it’s not ok to struggle alone.

— James Beck, Content Director, The Parenting Place

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