The Facts

There’s such different information about porn and young people…

on the internet now and if you’re looking for some helpful facts, typing porn into your search bar may not take you to where you intended…

So, we’ve reviewed the most recent international data using academic research articles and put the findings into two user-friendly facts resources for adults (Porn: The Facts for Adults) and young people (Porn: The Facts for Youth). We’ve also created a reference list of key research on porn and young people and potential impacts of porn on attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and mental health.

This is a growing subject area with new research coming out every year, so we continue to learn and update our content.

“In our digital age, it’s a matter of when not if our kids will see porn – and it’s more important than ever that we’re prepared. This means knowing the facts, knowing how to have the conversations, and understanding porn as it is today. Being naive is no longer an option.”
— Brothers in Arms, Auckland

Porn: The Facts for Adults

A resource for adults with an overview of the new porn landscape and current research on the potential impacts of porn on young people.

Porn: The Facts for Youth

A youth fact sheet with the most recent data on porn’s messages and impacts.

Porn and Young People: Research Articles
A reference list of research articles relating to porn exposure and usage amongst youth and the potential impacts of porn on young people’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and mental health.