Ngā Rauemi mo tātou! Some resources for us all!


Here’s some resources we’ve put together including a range of stuff for young people, whānau, schools, and youth services.

“They more we know about (porn) with accurate information, the better. We will make choices around sex anyway – so it’s better we are in a position where we can make educated choices. This way porn doesn’t become the only source of information about sex. ..because most of the time that’s the case.”
– Young person, TLP ITK survey

This is a new subject area, so we try to update the resources regularly. We don’t always agree with 100% of what every contributor says – so take a “keep what you love, leave what you don’t” approach.

Youth and Porn:
Understanding and Navigating the Issues
—Resources for Health Professionals—
Parent Resources
Parent Resources
Support Services and Counsellors
Support Services and Counsellors
Porn Use Self Check
Porn Use Self Check
Website References
Website References

Kia ora and welcome! The young people of Aotearoa are facing a new pornography (porn) landscape, and with high exposure and unlimited access, porn is influencing youth sexual culture in new and diverse ways. Young people tell us they have varied views and sometimes concerning experiences around porn and that they need, and want, better conversations, information, and support.

Youth and Porn Navigating the Issues has been developed to equip health professionals to better understand youth and porn issues and positively integrate this knowledge into their workplace practice. The kit includes 12 resources across three progressive skills. If you are new to this conversation, it can help to work through each skill, or if you are wanting specific information, please just head directly to the resource you need.

Want to increase your understanding and knowledge of young people and porn?
Youth and Porn: The Facts
<Resource 1.1>

Potential Porn Impacts, Protective Factors and Vulnerabilities
<Resource 1.2>

Youth and Porn: FAQs
<Resource 1.3>

Youth and Porn: The Research
<Resource 1.4>

Engaging & Equipping
Want help with how to engage in shame-free porn conversations and equip young people with porn literacy skills?

Guiding Principles for Porn-related Conversations and Care
<Resource 2.1>

Building Critical Thinking and Porn Literacy
<Resource 2.2>

Cultural Safety in Porn-Related Conversations and Care
<Resource 2.3>

Want help with assessing and responding to youth and porn concerns in the workplace?
Responding Effectively to Porn-related Concerns: 4 step process
<Resource 3.1>

Incorporating Porn-related Questions into HEEADSSS
<Resource 3.2>

Practical Case Studies for Porn-related Concerns
<Resource 3.3>

Problematic Porn Use
<Resource 3.4>

Support and Referral Services
<Resource 3.5>

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