About this Resource Kit
About this Resource Kit
Youth and Porn
Youth and Porn: Understanding and Navigating the Issues was developed by The Light Project to equip health professionals to better understand youth and porn issues, and to positively integrate this knowledge into their workplace practice.
Youth and porn is an emerging issue and further research is needed to better understand impacts, risk, and protective factors. The kit draws on the limited research and models available in 2022 and will be updated as new evidence and best practices emerge.


The best resources are informed by many – so we teamed up a wide range of youth health professionals who provided their expertise and oversight into varying resources. Specifically, we would like to thank Hala Nasr, Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist, and various youth professionals and clinicians from Te Whāraurau AOD team, NZ Drug Foundation, MEDSAC, Classification Office, Te Puaruruhau, Rape Prevention Education, Nest Consulting, Victoria University Student Health, Safeguarding our Children, Te Rau Ora, Tuhiata, and Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura.

All quotes are taken from the 2020 In The Know video transcripts and the Classification Office Porn and Youth and Growing up with Porn 2020 research.
Youth and Porn workshops?

The Light Project offer a range of professional development workshops and training. Contact hello@thelightproject.co.nz for details.

“Growing up with porn means young people’s ideas about sex, and their sexual behaviour, are being influenced by porn from a young age. This matters to young people, and they want adults to take this issue seriously.”
Growing Up with Porn, Classification Office, NZ 2020