3.3 Practical Case Studies
Practical Case Studies for Porn-Related Concerns
This resource draws on 10 case studies to help offer guidance when working alongside young people with porn-related concerns.
Case Study 1. Aroha: ‘Pressure to re-enact porn’
Case Study 2. Atamai: ‘Confusing and non-consensual rough sex’
Case Study 3. Chun: ‘Evolving porn usage’
Case Study 4. Daniel: ‘Porn language and references at school’
Case Study 5. Max: ‘Uncomfortable experience viewing porn’
Case Study 6. Faduma: ‘Triggering porn experience’
Case Study 7. Bella: ‘Unwanted choking experience’
Case Study 8. Hemi: ‘Porn related shame and mental health concerns’
Case Study 9. Millie: ‘Porn impacting sexual relationships’
Case Study 10. Dinesh: ‘Struggling to cut down porn’

“Young people often talked about how porn isn’t realistic, and it can give false expectations about sex and relationships. It was widely acknowledged that both boys and girls may be influenced by gender roles seen in porn – and that young people who act out behaviour in porn often do so because that is what they think their partner may want or expect.

However most young people don’t think porn is a good guide, and the influence of porn can lead to negative experiences as they begin to explore sex.”

Growing Up with Porn, Classification Office, NZ 2020