3.1 Responding Effectively
Responding Effectively to Porn-Related Concerns – A 4-Step Process

This simple 4-step response process can help guide workplace consultations with young people presenting with porn-related concerns or experiences of harm.

Step 1

Validate & Normalise
Validating and normalising a young person’s experience helps minimise the shame and stigma associated with porn.
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Step 2

Careful and appropriate assessment helps a young person identify their unique experience and concerns around porn, and can inform ongoing care.
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Step 3

Build critical thinking
Building critical thinking can help form resilience to problematic messages in porn.
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Step 4

Support & Refer
Referrring to wider support services may be needed to best support a young person.
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“Porn is very relevant – it is something that is now part of the world of our young people. Adults need to be able to invite themselves into discussion with a young person about pornography – and adults need to have knowledge and understanding of porn risks and harms.”

Youth Health Professional, Aotearoa