Principle 6: Tailored Approach
Each young person’s experience with porn will be different, so any care and conversations should be tailored accordingly.
Take into consideration factors such as the young person’s:
Cultural safety should be a key consideration when tailoring porn related care.

If appropriate, ask a young person to share what is culturally important to them, and how this should shape, inform and strengthen their care. Take time to listen and understand what is important to the young person and whether they would like their whānau or any community members to be involved in any conversations or care.

Cultural safety training could be helpful if you are working cross-culturally, or don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural groups you are engaging with. For more information, see 2.3: Cultural Safety

For information on consent with rough sex and choking, see Here.
“Young people have diverse experiences and views about porn, and it’s not possible to make assumptions based on age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religious beliefs”

NZ Youth and Porn, 2018