2.1 Guiding Principles and Tips
Guiding Principles and Tips for Effective Porn-Related Conversations and Care with Youth
Young people tell us that they want and need better adult porn conversations, information, and support.
A health professional’s approach to porn conversations and care can significantly impact a young person’s willingness to identify, discuss, and seek help for any concerns. The following guiding principles and tips can help enable more effective porn-related conversations and care:
Principle 1


Principle 2
Reflective Care
Principle 3
Curiosity & Compassion
Principle 4
Strengths-Based Approach
Principle 5
Explore Affirmative Consent
Principle 6
Tailored Approach
Tips for starting porn conversations
“Young people are telling us that they would hugely value the opportunity to have safe, honest and non-judgemental discussions with adults about sex and porn. The difficulty is that this is often a difficult and embarrassing conversation on both sides, and adults often feel poorly equipped to deal with the subject.”
Growing Up with Porn, Classification Office, NZ, 2020