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Jo Robertson “why we need to talk about porn”

Tedx Christchurch 2019 talk explaining the new porn landscape, the potential impacts on our kids, and how to get past the awkwardness and have the healthy conversations we need to have.


Lamar Odom is one of the most prominent professional athletes to go public with his decision to stop watching porn. He shares why he’s given it up in an exclusive interview.

Ran Gavrieli – TedEX: why I stopped watching porn

Ran Gavrieli works with Israeli youth teaching them about emotional and physically safe sex, porn and porn-influenced cultural damages. In this TED talk, he explains why he decided to quit watching porn.

Russell Brand talks sex, softcore & hardcore porn

Actor/comedian Russell Brand talks about the harmful effects of porn and how it alters ideas and perceptions about sex, drawing from science, research, and examples from his own life.

Mark’s story: I was addicted to porn at age 12

Mark, a young American, shares his personal struggle with porn from a very early age and how he overcame it.

Dr Gail Dines: growing up in a pornified culture

This TED talk explores how images on the internet are shaped by pornified images which then spill over into mainstream media and popular culture.

The Porn Factor

This Australian documentary is composed of interviews with young people, experts and porn industry professionals, who explore how porn is shaping young people’s sexual expectations and experiences. Great viewing for parents, teachers, youth workers and others involved in young people’s education, support or care.

Channel 4: Porn on the Brain

As part of Channel 4’s Campaign for Real Sex, Porn on the Brain is an authored documentary by journalist Martin Daubney, ex-editor of lad’s magazine, Loaded. Confused by the alarming headlines and driven by the knowledge that his son will soon reach the age at which most children first see porn (10 years) Martin wants to find some answers. Is porn really bad for kids? Where is the evidence?

Love and sex in an age of pornography

A documentary which follows a group of young people as they reflect on the influence of porn in their lives. It provides insight into the porn industry and the effects of porn on young people’s sexuality today.